Common Types of Impacted Wisdom Tooth


Do you want a whiter and brighter smile?


Teeth whitening is an easy and safe procedure that can lighten stained or discolored teeth. The teeth naturally dark with age and their appearance can be affected by the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks.


Teeth Whitening, if maintained properly, can leave patients with results that last long. The In-Clinic Professional Teeth Whitening at RxCura is an easy quick and non-invasive cosmetic treatment producing immediate results.


Common causes of teeth discoloration


There are some intrinsic and extrinsic causes of teeth discoloration


  • 1. Certain food and drinks like tea coffee betel leaf

  • 2. Dental Plaque

  • 3. Tobacco stains

  • 4. Some medication like tetracyclin, chlorhexidine

  • 5. Fluoride stain

  • 6. Trauma to the tooth

  • 7. Some developmental disorder like dentinogenesis imperfecta, amelogenesis imperfecta.


Methods of teeth whitening


Teeth whitening can be done in two ways 1) In office bleaching 2) Home bleaching. Both the methods use peroxide based bleaching agent, but in different percentages. In office bleach contain more peroxide than home bleaching.


1). In Office Bleach – In this method, dentists generally use light activated bleaching system. First, the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth after the protection of the soft tissue. Then the bleaching agent is activated by heat or laser power in the dental clinic. Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment has been extensively tested and proven to have no long-term negative effect on enamel, dentine teeth or gums.


The in-office bleaching gives significant result even in a single session. However, for the optimal result you may need more sessions.


2).Home Bleach – In this method, your dentist will provide you prefabricated tray with bleaching agent. In most cases, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to prepare an ultra-thin mouth tray customized in a dental laboratory. The tray is used to keep the whitening gel near the teeth. The whitening gel is placed in the tray which needs to be worn twice per day for 2 weeks or according to instruction of your dentist. Results are usually seen within two weeks. Your dentist will tell you about how long to wear the tray both initially and for maintenance.


This results of home bleach technique may be lesser than the in-office bleaching but it has many advantages like less time at clinic, low cost & self-administration.


Are there risks associated with Teeth Bleaching Procedure?


The two most common side effects are a slight increase in sensitivity of tooth and mild irritation in the soft tissues, especially the gums. Dental sensitivity may occur in the early stages of bleaching. These two conditions are temporary and usually disappear within 1 to 3 days at the end of treatment.


Teeth whitening may not be appropriate for all patients, so before starting any teeth whitening procedure, it is best to discuss the expected results and delays with dentist. Please visit one of the RxCura’s teeth bleaching clinic in Bangalore for quality treatment at affordable prices.


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