Dentures are false teeth, usually made up of plastic that are designed to replace lost or missing teeth. Dentures are considered to be the last resort and many people have a false assumption that they may need denture as they age. However, one should know that losing teeth is not a natural process (along with age) and that if proper care is taken; one will be able to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Here is a brief of types of Dentures Treatment in Bangalore that RxCura offers:

Completely removable dentures:


These are widely used among the elderly who lost their teeth as a result of age-related changes. Also, removable dental systems can be used as a temporary measure, for example, in preparation for installation of non-removable ones. This type of prosthesis became very popular due to its almost 100% compatibility and absence of contraindications.

The reason is simple: they have a good ratio of price/quality/aesthetics. The main types of removable prostheses are full or partial plate prostheses (the same “false jaws”), removable clasp prostheses, removable small prostheses (a kind of cosmetic prosthesis), and some conditionally removable prostheses.


Fixed prosthetics of teeth-


Fixed prostheses are very popular among middle-aged people, because with the loss of individual teeth, this method allows relatively inexpensive and very effective restoration of the dentition and with it the normal function and appearance of the dentition.


Partially removable


The design of these prostheses is a plate on which crowns made of ceramic or composite materials are fixed. This prosthesis is used when the patient has only a few teeth. The fixation of the prosthesis is carried out by means of hooks, called clasps. At the lowest cost, this type of prosthesis is made of nylon or plastic.


BPS Dentures


These are specialized denture teeth that aim to meet the aesthetic demand of the patients who want to look attractive even as they are growing older. It can replicate the anatomy of that of a natural tooth. This type of teeth is made of 3 layers cross linked acrylic resins and thus, contributing to the life like appearance and resistance to wear and tear.


Cast Partial Dentures


The cast partial dentures implants are those whose framework is made up of metal and are custom designed as well as fabricated. They come with better balancing system.


Over Dentures


Dentures that are made with comprehensive support from the current teeth or implants are known as over dentures.




Sometimes the trauma and surgeries tend to leave a defect in the roof of the patient’s mouth. Such defects can be covered via a precise obturator. This obturator also helps in speech.


Conventional Dentures


A conventional denture is made as well as inserted once the teeth are taken out and the gum has been healed completely. It is specially made and fitted in 5 or more Dentures Treatment procedure appointments within a span of 2 or more months.


Immediate Dentures


If you are getting teeth extraction, your mouth may need to heal for at least 4 long weeks before adapting to complete denture installation. However, in certain cases, the RxCura dentists may suggest you to use immediate dentures that are meant to be temporary.


Implant supported dentures


They are inserted into the patient’s jawbone (usually under a local anesthetic), to which the crown is attached a couple of weeks after the healing of the gum. An implant-supported dental prosthesis is much more resistant to the adhesive prosthesis on the oral mucosa, and gives the dental patient its high quality of life. After the tooth loss, the implant-supported prosthesis provides dentures a firm hold and thus provides a secure feeling as well as improved well-being, so that the quality of life increases.


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