An Overview


Invisalign, an invisible plastic dental device, is a brand name of an orthodontic device that is used to align teeth.

The invisible dental appliance is a series of transparent plastic pins that are custom made for each patient. Each pin that the patient carries moves slowly until all the teeth are aligned to their desired end position.

Invisible dental appliances are probably the least visible appliance that exist because the supports and wires are placed behind the teeth. This is ideal for people who are very concerned about their appearance.

Duration of Invisalign treatment


The speed of dental movement offered by the Invisalign system varies depending on the case. When it comes to align and level all the teeth, it is very difficult to say the time of treatment as it depends on the severity of the malocclusion (crowding, spacing, proclination etc.) and the bucodental response of each patient.


Advantages of invisible treatment


Invisalign has a number of advantages over traditional brackets and other fixed orthodontic appliances. Its benefits are focused on five columns:


  • Custom: Aligners are made specifically for the patient’s teeth based on the diagnosis of the dentist.

  • Efficacy: The dental movements are observed from the beginning of the treatment and follow a planning known from before.

  • Convenience: Having no brackets or wires that irritate the gums or the inside of the mouth, the aligners are much more comfortable than traditional appliances.

  • Invisible: being practically transparent, others do not notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  • TRemovable: unlike fixed appliances, Invisalign can be removed to be able to eat and drink normally or follow a proper dental hygiene.



Invisalign v/s Fixed Appliances

Advantages of invisible treatment


Besides to above advantages of Invisalign treatment, the final result obtained also has many other benefits. Aligning your teeth makes them healthier and thus provide following additional benefits:


  • Healthier gums: Clenched or detached teeth are prone to periodontal disease that irritates and swells the gums and can lead to loss of teeth.

  • Better oral hygiene: Traditional bracket are glued to the teeth that may retain food or extra plaque. However, this is not case with the Invisalign as they are removable and can be cleaned.

  • Improves chewing and speech: putting a stop to the malocclusion will improve the bite and possible difficulties in speech.

  • Eliminates discomfort: When teeth and jaws are misaligned, they can cause tension in the mouth that causes discomfort and pain. These discomforts can be detrimental to many structures of the chewing system but can be eliminated by the use of Invisalign.

  • TRemovable: unlike fixed appliances, Invisalign can be removed to be able to eat and drink normally or follow a proper dental hygiene.



In short, many patients who come to our RxCura dental clinic want to get a perfect smile but without having to use fixed appliances during the treatment which are quite visible. For them, Invisalign is an alternative treatment that can solve most problems of malocclusion in the most comfortable and aesthetic possible. While its price is higher than that of traditional orthodontics, the many advantages it offers regarding braces may be enough to pay extra money.


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