Pediatric Dentistry

The Pediatric or Pedodontic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on children. Pediatric dentistry mission is to achieve good oral health since by taking good care of children teeth; we can prevent the occurrence of oral diseases in adulthood. The essence of pediatric dentistry is the prevention, the education and timely diagnosis of potential diseases.


The pediatric dentistry is the specialty responsible for managing the dental health of children and adolescents. At this stage, pediatric dentistry clinic can prevent and diagnose any pathology or alteration at the level of teeth, gingiva or malocclusion (bite) in the development of each child and correct them in a timely manner. It should be kept in mind the importance of the first visit to dentist.

Good habit for kids to avoid dental problem:



Usually milk teeth start erupting between 6 to 9 months of age till the age of 2years. Your child can experience some teething discomfort during this process. RxCura will help you to solve this problem. For small children aged 0 to 6 months, the best solution to prevent tooth decay is to clean their mouth and carefully massage their gums with a clean, moist cloth.





In order to ensure the dental hygiene of your children’s teeth, it is ideal to prioritize foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and juices that contain no sugar.




At the age of 2, when there are more teeth in the mouth, it is important to start a daily brushing routine with soft small bristle brush & a thin smear of fluoride toothpaste. Parent should help the child during the brushing until the age of 6. As soon as the first tooth of your children appears, you should begin to educate him that it is essential to take care of his/her teeth. To begin, you should encourage your child to brush your teeth at least twice a day: just after your nap and at bedtime.



When you notice the symptoms of caries, that is, when you see white lines or spots throughout gums, you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist for children’s dental treatment.


In short, the best way to take care of the health of your children’s teeth and examine them from their childhood and also to opt for daily habits. It is also recommended that you take your children at least once a year to examination of your children’s mouth. Thus, your dentist will deem it necessary if he needs to perform care or Pedodontic Treatment.

Types of Treatments Pediatric Dentists Provide?


When you notice the symptoms of caries, that is, when you see white lines or spots throughout gums, you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist for children’s dental treatment.


Root canal treatment/Filling – If your child tooth is badly decayed then he/she may require filling or root canal treatment to preserve the milk teeth as milk teeth serve as a guide for permanent teeth. If the milk teeth are preserved with care then malocclusion of permanent teeth can be prevented.


Reimplantation of tooth and mouth guard – It is very common for a child to suffer complete tooth breakage or loss from a fall or a stroke. In such cases, eventual restoration is done by re-implantation of the tooth provided favorable conditions exist. Mouth guard is also very helpful if your child has habit of night grinding of teeth or your child is active in sports. Mouth guards are custom made by your dentist, give the better protection of your child teeth from external injury.


Fluoride Application – Fluoride application makes the enamel harder and less prone to decay. Fluoride containing tooth pastes are available in the market, you should seek advice from your dentist as quantity and percentage of fluoride can be vary according to the age of child. Now a day, topical fluoride application can also be done by your dentist to prevent the decay in the children’s teeth.


Pit and Fissure Sealant – Sometimes small grooves are present on the chewing surface of the tooth that is more susceptible to decay as they give perfect environment to grow the bacteria. By means of dental pit and fissure sealant dentist can seal these grooves and prevent the decay at the early age. These dental sealants provides years of protection.


Preventive treatment – Children are more frequent with caries at preschool age. There is even the name for this occurrence as “Baby Bottle caries”. But in any case, in addition to treating them properly and avoiding possible complications, it is also very important to adopt preventive measures to avoid it. This includes identification of factors that may favor its appearance, education in relation to nutrition and dental hygiene and to provide preventive restoration.

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