Dental Jewelry

Dental Jewelry- Know everything about this craze


Dental jewels are very much sought after lately, especially among young people, giving a unique decoration to your smile!

Dental jewelry can be zirconium or real diamond


Applying zirconium on the tooth is a completely painless, fast and simple operation. Zirconium can be found in different colors, it attaches to the tooth without damaging it, i.e. without having to squander it. The beauty and splendor of the zirconia attracts the gaze of every person to whom your smile is addressed.



To date, there are different types of Tooth Jewelry that apply to the dental surface as explained below. Dental jewelry is placed on the front teeth of the upper arch.




They are artificial crystals of small size which are fastened to the teeth by means of special glue for short periods of time, ranging from a few weeks to 2 months. These crystals are non-toxic and 100% safe to use whenever you buy and them placed from a certified professional in the area.




The scales are small jewels that are processed with a special technology, where they degrade the material in different phases to make specific forms. As far as we talk about the appearance, they do not differ much from the paste. Chances are that only its owner has true knowledge of the origin of those small glitters in their smile. However, the great difference is that they last a long time without risk of them coming off even for 2 or 3 years and without having any type of problems.




They are figures made of gold with some or no gems. These forms of jewels go beyond the usual shapes of geometric figures. It is the only type of dental jewelry that allows you to incorporate precious stones. The most used forms are diamonds, sea water, sapphires and of course paste, imitating any kind of jewel. When using such exotic materials, the tooth jewelry costs of these small pieces are high.


Is it safe to use dental jewelry?


Dental jewelry is bonded with chemical bonds through adhesives that are also used when making the fillings with the method called Bonding system.



Oral hygiene is maintained with toothbrush and toothpaste, as usual, to prevent the onset of dental plaque around and within dental jewelry.



Dental jewelry are 100% safe and are easily removable when you don’t need them.


How to remove them?


If you want to remove Tooth jewelry from teeth then it can be done very easily: the jewel and the sticker are removed by carefully grouting, without damaging the dental enamel!



If you decide to apply a real bright (0.004 carat) diamond, the procedure is slightly different. For safety reasons, the dental enamel must be covered with a special drill (0.3 mm) and the diamond is attached to the “tooth”.



An interesting fact is that some people undergo Tooth jewelry treatment for practical purposes, such as hiding individual deficiencies in the teeth (roughness, pigmentation, etc.), dental jewelry is considered attractive in different countries and helps to create an unusual style, but it is necessary to remember that only professionals are able to install and remove them when you want them to, without serious consequences.



Our experts in RxCura for dental jewelry in Bangalore will be able to give your teeth an extra touch of brightness but safely and without unpleasant surprises during tooth jewelry procedure.


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