What is veneer?


A white and shining smile is the winning weapon of a balanced face. However, problems such as chipping, discoloration or wear can complicate the desire to get an enviable smile. The dental veneers, in these cases, it may solve the problem.

Dental veneers are tooth-shaped tooth covers in ceramic material. Most people opt to get dental veneers to help slow down the aging process by giving their teeth a less worn look. Others opt to get dental veneers to correct minor injuries to their teeth.

Where to do, how long does it take and how painful is the treatment?


The Veneers Procedure is performed at the dentist’s studio and usually last about an hour to be placed on the patient’s teeth. In some cases, the procedure may take two dental visits to complete the work. The actual length of the entire procedure however depends on the amount of dental work that needs to be done. As for pain, one of the advantages of veneers is that there is practically no discomfort.



When would a veneer required?



Veneers treatment are mainly used for three reasons: Wear, genetics and worn enamel


  • 1. Enamel worn— Enamel is the disc, white coating on the teeth. It is there to protect the dentin (the main part of the structure of the tooth), which envelops the pulp. Genetics, consumption of caffeinated drinks and smoking can cause the enamel to wear out or become overtime discolored.

  • 2. Genetics— Some people are born with dental problems like malformed teeth or uneven gaps. These gaps may increase with age.

  • 3. Wear— As you age, your teeth naturally begin to wear out. Once your enamel begins to wear out, it is more likely to get cracks and fries. The wear also results in your teeth becoming uneven.


Advantages of veneers?


Dental veneers are used for aesthetic reasons, but can also be used to correct dental problems. Aesthetically, dental veneers can give a whiter appearance of discolored teeth, incorrectly aligned teeth and / or gapped teeth and give the teeth a more uniform appearance.


Dental Veneers treatment are also used for people who have more serious dental problems like large fleas and cracks as well as severe discoloration that cannot be corrected with general cleaning. For small complaints like minor cracks in teeth and small chips, your dentist will often suggest a linking procedure instead, as it is cheaper.


The Veneers cost depends on the severity of the dental problem, the skills of your dental technician, and the number of teeth you must have done. In the end, a considerable amount of cost comes down to what type of veneer you choose. The porcelain veneers last 10 to 15 years and composite facets last five to seven years.


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